We partner with many different types of contractors to provide solutions for their projects with the goal of ultimately building mutually beneficial long term relationships.



HVAC Contractors

It is always a great time to clean the air ducts during a furnace change-out job. Differentiate your new furnace installation bids by including air duct cleaning and deliver a better final product than your competition.


Fire and Water Restoration Contractors

Duct Works is experienced in Fire, Smoke, & Water HVAC system remediation jobs. We provide duct cleaning for many Disaster Restorations Companies in Michigan.


Appliance Repair Contractors

We provide a dependable resource for appliance repair contractors who have customers with dirty and debris filled dryer vents or who want to have piece of mind with a preventative maintenance schedule. You can trust us to respond to your customers’ needs promptly and professionally.


New Construction Contractors

Without exception, every new house constructed creates dust & debris that infiltrates the duct system. When you hire Duct Works to proactively clean the ducts, you will head off the customer’s dust complaints. Enjoy the confident feeling of being a responsible Contractor as you hand the keys to the new owner.


Carpet Cleaning Contractors

We are a trusted referral with the right equipment to service your customers’ air duct cleaning needs. 


Remodeling Contractors

For a relatively small price, you can include air duct cleaning in your remodel job bid. This will show your prospective customers you pay attention to detail and care about their home. This is a great tool to help you close your sale. It also takes care of dust which is one of the biggest complaints remodel customers have.