the Process - Duct Works provides air Duct Cleaning performed correctly


1. Large Truck Mounted Vacuum
The technician will arrive with an extremely powerful vacuum truck to  suck out and capture the dust from   your system. We also have portable equipment available if the situation requires.


2. Greeting
You will be greeted by a trained technician who will do a walk-thru of your home or facility to locate the vents. This is a good time to ask any questions you may have about the process.


3. Floor Protection
Our technicians will wear foot protection to help keep your environment clean.


4. Vacuum Hose Connection
The only way to properly clean a duct is through good access. We will create openings to connect our large vacuum hose.


5. Negative Air Pressure
By using some of the most powerful equipment in the industry, we will connect to your supply and return main ducts to create a negative pressure. As we clean, the dust and debris will be sucked out of your system into our truck.


6. Register Cleaning of Heat Side
Each individual supply register and run will be cleaned with various tools depending on the application. The debris will be dislodged and forced with high pressured air toward our vacuum that is creating suction.


7. Register Cleaning of Return Side
The grill and all of the drops for each return vent will be cleaned. Again under negative pressure, the dust goes instantly out to our truck.


8. Main duct Cleaning
We will clean all the supply and return main ducts with a high pressured air whip system. This will agitate the interior of the duct, while driving the dust and debris directly to the vacuum.


9. Furnace Cleaning
The bottom of the furnace cabinet will be cleaned out. This includes the blower compartment and the filter box.


10. Plug the Cleaning Access Holes
An approved plastic plug will be secured into the access hole.


11. Seal Vacuum Points
The vacuum points will be sealed up with galvanized sheet metal enclosures. Approved foil tape will be applied around the enclosure to ensure no air loss. These same openings can be used for future cleanings.


12. Final Step
After your system has veen cleaned, the furnace will be turned back on. A sticker with our company contact information and cleaning date will be placed on a duct by the furnace.

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